The Benefits of Pressure Washing a Wood Deck

The Benefits of Pressure Washing a Wood Deck

On a warm, sunny day, there’s nowhere better to enjoy the outdoors than your backyard deck. However, if you have a wood deck, you know it can be susceptible to mold, mildew, and grime. To keep your outdoor space looking fresh year after year, consider the benefits of pressure washing a wood deck. If your deck could use some TLC, be sure to contact a professional power washing service to improve the look of your space without causing further damage.

Save Time and Money

Since decks have exposure to the elements, they need proper maintenance to extend their lifespan and prevent budget-busting damages. Power washing helps you stay on top of airborne algae, mold, and mildew so that your deck doesn’t develop permanent stains. With the rising cost of materials and labor, power washing is far more affordable than replacing even a small portion of your deck.

Power washing is safe and effective for many different types of decks, including wood, but a professional service should ask you some questions before they begin their work. Namely, a company should ask general details about your deck, such as the time of its initial installation, when you last washed it, whether you’ve noticed any areas of rot or decay, etc. By asking these questions upfront, they’ll ensure they properly clean your deck the first time.

Increase Your Home Value

Removing contaminants is the main goal of power washing, but a squeaky-clean deck can also make you money in the long run! Power washing your siding and deck can boost your curb appeal and your home’s overall value.

If you’re planning to put your home on the market, you need it to look its best. Potential buyers will most likely notice if your wood deck has turned from brown to green. Thorough, routine power washing can keep mildew at bay and enhance the aesthetics of your space. Even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, it’s important to maintain both the inside and outside of your home for your own peace of mind.

Extend the Life of Your Wood

As mentioned earlier, another benefit of pressure washing a wood deck is extending the life of your wood. Wood is a durable material, but environmental factors play a large role in determining its long-term condition. Some common culprits include extreme sunlight, overly hot or cold temperatures, high pest activity, excessive moisture, and high foot traffic. Power washing ensures your deck retains its integrity for years to come.

Routine power washing can also uncover potential issues, such as mold and decay, before they become more pervasive. By catching any weak points in your wood as quickly as possible, you can make necessary repairs or take preventative measures to maintain the structural integrity of your deck.

To preserve the beauty of your deck, prioritize routine power washes for the entire surface area, including spindles and outdoor wooden handrails. Mr. Spindle offers high-quality outdoor decking supplies, so contact us today to keep your backyard looking fresh.