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At Mr. Spindle, we understand that sourcing fine grain specialty and exotic wood sources, or any other special request lumber for demanding architectural specs, takes time, education, understanding, and the right connections. Unusual lumber isn’t something one can easily find. 

That’s where Bob Matthews comes in.

Bob Matthews has been chasing specialty and exotic wood sources since 1976. He’s seen it all and been in the mills, the forests, on the islands, in the States, through Canada, as well as to other continents, seeking the finest nature has to offer. Bob has attended multitudes of trade and manufacturing trade shows to increase his knowledge of the finest and most exotic woods. He’s even rubbed shoulders with the industry leaders and plant owners. Bob built a knowledge and network of the fine grain lumber and specialty wood industry, helping others turn nightmare projects turn into profitable cakewalks.

The next time you’re faced with a tough project, give Bob Matthews a call at (800) 487-9663. Mr. Spindle can source the fiber, guarantee the quality, and do some amazing mill work, delivering your project on budget and on time—all while staying behind the scenes, so you’ll look like the hero!

Unfinished spindles
Dining tables on a large deck

Some of the Tough Stuff We’ve Sourced in the Past:

  • Clear All Heart, Vertcal Grain California Redwood
  • Clear Vertical Grain Doug Fir, any thickness or width
  • Brazillian IPE Bullnose Stair Treads
  • IPE Tongue and Groove Flooring
  • Maple 3″ x 14″ Stair Treads
  • Birds Eye Cedar Paneling
  • Blue Stained Paneling
  • Clear, All Heart, Vertical Grain Flush Joint Tongue and Groove
  • Heart Free Timbers in Cedar and Douglas Fir
  • Tight grain, old growth, clear Western Red Cedar
  • Port Orford Cedar, Alaskan Yellow
  • Pecky Cedar Boards

You Name It, Mr. Spindle Will Source It!

Contact us for more information about all your exotic wood and fine grain lumber needs.