Why Natural Wood Is Still the Best Option for Deck Railing

Why Natural Wood Is Still the Best Option for Deck Railing

A well-constructed deck is a great way to create an outdoor oasis for your home’s outdoor space. Although the decking material and color are both important features to consider, the railing arguably affects the deck’s overall look, feel, and view the most. Learn why natural wood is still the best option for deck railing in terms of practicality, durability, and style.

Timeless Design

Wooden decks have been a popular choice among homeowners for decades. Wood railings have remained a crowd favorite due to their natural warmth and timeless design features. Wood deck railings range from traditional to modern styles that can easily complement any home’s exterior. Natural wood is known for its intricate grain details and universal appearance.

The design choices are seemingly infinite when it comes to natural wood railing. You can find spindles in all shapes and sizes and customize them to your individual taste. You can also easily combine wood with other materials for a completely customized deck design.

Endless Color Options

Another reason why natural wood is a good choice for deck railing is the endless color options. You can stain or paint wood in almost any color to enhance the look of your outdoor area. You can achieve almost any style with wood, whether you want a natural finish or something slightly bolder. You may also choose to seal the wood and let its natural beauty shine, skipping any type of paint or stain.

Homeowners can appreciate the fully customizable aspects of wooden deck railings. You don’t need to worry about being constrained by a limited number of color or style choices because the world is your oyster!

Environmentally Friendly

Did you know wood is one of the most renewable building materials? The positive environmental impact of wooden deck railings makes them a great choice for any outdoor sanctuary. Redwood and cedar are generally the most eco-friendly wood options. Redwood comes from highly regulated, commercially grown forests where lumber producers must abide by a thorough sustainability plan.

Wood also requires less energy to produce than other building materials such as steel or concrete. Cedar and redwood manufacturing produce far less toxins and greenhouse gases than other manufactured materials.

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