What To Look For in Replacement Porch Columns

What To Look For in Replacement Porch Columns

Porch columns add uniqueness to your home’s exterior and endure a lot of wear and tear over the years. If your porch columns need an update, it’s important to know what to look for in replacements. When you’re familiar with the traits of these structural supports, you can make the best decision for your home.

Appropriate Style

If you’re in the market for replacement columns, you should purchase the right size and style for your porch. After all, you need to know the new pillars can support the roof over your porch.

If your porch has large columns, choose a similar size when replacing them. Conversely, if the posts are relatively slim, choose new ones to match that style. Every porch is unique and requires different materials, so assess your options and choose the right replacement pillars for your home’s exterior.

Cohesive Design

Another consideration when looking for replacement porch columns is the exterior design of your home. If you want to match your current style, take note of the characteristics of your pre-existing columns and find the closest replica available.

You can also update the outside of your home and create a fresh look with completely different pillars! When redesigning your porch, consider the aesthetic of your home’s exterior to create a unified look. For instance, if your home has decorative molding or ornamental porch railings, you can choose replacement columns that highlight these unique features.

Roof Support

Although porch columns can provide visual interest and improve your home’s curb appeal, their main function is to support the roof over your porch. You should choose replacements made of sturdy, load-bearing materials.

Some people want vinyl columns due to their low cost, but they almost never have the strength to support a porch roof for very long. Wood is the best material due to its strength, and it offers many stylistic options. You can completely customize the look of your porch by choosing unique stains and decorative elements.

When you’re ready to replace your porch columns, turn to the experts at Mr. Spindle. We carry only the highest quality wood porch posts, so you can be confident your porch will be both beautiful and structurally sound. Contact one of our team members to create a stunning exterior for your home!