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Paint Grade: Refers to structurally sound part with slight cracks that are fixable with putty before painting.

Seconds: Refers to structurally sound parts with slight manufacturing imperfections (off center, flat spots, etc.)

Discontinued Patterns: Made changes in specifications on parts, have some parts that are fine but we do not make the part anymore.

  • Added length is on the head and leg.
  • Lengths of turnings do not change based on length of spindle.
  • All Closeout Specials items are of limited supply.
  • First come first serve basis.
  • Quantities change daily.
  • Call for availability!

Shop Sale Items: Wood Deck & Stair Parts

When it’s time to build, install, or repair a railing system in your home, Mr. Spindle carries everything you need, including wood deck and stair parts. Need something customized? Not a problem. We specialize in railing system customization and understand the importance of maintaining the charm of an older home or the desire to have something unique in a newer home. We are happy to offer sale items, such as wood deck and stair parts, to our customers. We treat every item you receive through Mr. Spindle as though it is going into one of our own homes. We stand behind our name and look forward to earning your trust and improving your railing system. Browse our online store or contact us for more information.