Stair Railing Tips To Jazz Up Your Entryway

Stair Railing Tips To Jazz Up Your Entryway

What do you see when you approach your home via the front porch? You might use your stair railings every day without realizing how much they influence your home’s appearance.

There are many ways to increase your home’s aesthetic features beyond adding new furniture, décor, and paint colors to it. Let’s discuss a few stair railing tips to jazz up your entryway!

Install a Glass Banister

Glass can make any space appear more sophisticated. Try installing a glass banister as your stair railing to open the area. Keep in mind that these are best for homes with older children and pets, as they can pose a potential danger to little ones.

Turn Railing Into an Accent

Incorporate your stair railing into your home design by using it as an accent. You can do this by painting it in a complementary color that matches the rest of the hues in the home.

Be sure to apply special sealing so that the railings are safe to use and won’t rub off over time.

Incorporate Metal Railings

Metal features can add a sleek touch to any home while maintaining a cozy feel. They can be a great way to open the room visually, and they combine well with hardwood railings and other natural materials.

Be sure to talk with a contractor about measurements and best practices to avoid injuries when working with metal railings.

Get Simple Railing With Specialized Ball Tops

Another route you can take is getting a stair railing with a simple finish and completing it with 6×6 post finials.

You can use specialized ball tops as a bold statement in your home while adding a personal feel to the stair railings. At Mr. Spindle, we stand by our high-quality, specialized materials that give customers the ability to create their dream homes.

If you’re looking to make minor or significant changes to your home, you should consider the above stair railing tips to jazz up your entryway! Remember, it’s all about the details.