Wood or Wrought Iron Balusters for Your Staircase?

Wood or Wrought Iron Balusters for Your Staircase?

The staircase is typically the first thing guests see upon entering a home, so it’s natural to want to pick the best possible design for your home.

But there are a couple of options to choose from, like wood and wrought iron. Let’s explore whether wood or wrought iron balusters are better for your staircase.

Wood Balusters

Wood balusters are the designed piece of the staircase that provides support for the hand railings.

These balusters offer a more traditional look for your home because they come in various colors and shapes that allow you to customize your home design.

Wood balusters generally suit a rustic and modern type of home design that offers a clean and polished look for your home.

Wrought Iron Balusters

If you choose to work with wrought iron balusters, you can choose the styles and lengths that align with your distinctive home décor.

Wrought iron presents a classy appearance, bringing more sophistication into your home elements. You might also consider mixing and matching different styles to make your home design unique.

Which Is Better for Your Staircase?

Whether you choose to utilize square wood balusters or wrought iron for your home, the choice depends on price, appearance, and functionality. Both options can be great for any home as long as you know which feature you’d like to focus on.

So, do you need wood or wrought iron balusters for your staircase? Wood balusters tend to be a popular choice amongst homeowners due to the customization flexibility that they offer.

A staircase design is often forgotten when a homeowner designs the interior of their house, but it can be a fun process when you know which balusters to choose. Here at Mr. Spindle, we provide high-quality products and services, extending a unique experience to each customer.