4 Simple Ways To Update Worn Out Banisters

4 Simple Ways To Update Worn Out Banisters

When you use your stairs, do you notice they look outdated or worn down? Don’t worry! There are quite a few simple ways to update worn-out banisters to freshen your home. Let’s explore these creative ways to overhaul your banisters and make them look brand new!

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

One quick and easy way to update your banisters is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Use the same color or introduce new shades to your home. Consider which colors best match the rest of your home, or go bold with a vibrant paint that stands out!

Light Them Up

If your stairs look a little drab, install lights on the stairs or the wall to give your banisters an effortless makeover.

Lights can brighten up the area while keeping it simple. You can choose to add traditional lightbulbs or embellished ones that accentuate the style of your home.

Attach Mint Newels

The changes you make won’t stand out if your newel posts are scratched, broken, or damaged. Try attaching 4-inch newel posts to your stairs if you’re looking to add more dimension and design to your space. You can consider uniquely shaped posts or even basic newels to change things up.

Change Their Direction

If you decide to replace your newel posts or if you want to update the current ones, install the posts horizontally. This is a great way to update worn-out railings, especially if you’re looking for a change without hurting your wallet! Horizontal spindles are quickly becoming vital to the modern aesthetic of many homes in today’s market.

When freshening up your space, you may want to paint the walls or add new countertops, but a big change can be as simple as revamping the stairs! Now that you know these four simple ways to update worn-out banisters, you can get started on revitalizing your home.