Important Tips To Prepare Your Home for Fall

Important Tips To Prepare Your Home for Fall

All good things must come to an end, including summer. There’s good news, though! Fall is on the way with all of its colorful glory. We’ve got some important tips to prepare your home for fall so that you’re ready to grab a cup of warm apple cider and enjoy the crisp air when the blustery days show up.

Clean Out Those Gutters

Fall is the time of year our gutters love to get their fill of leaves. When summer comes to an end, clean out your gutters to make room for rainy days and falling foliage.

Conduct Deck Maintenance

Don’t turn your back on the deck as temperatures lower. Now is the time to perform a little end-of-summer maintenance and continue enjoying the deck through the fall. Here are a few things to do for your deck.

  • Repair loose spindles and rails.
  • Sweep and wash the entire deck.
  • Paint if needed.
  • Put away the chaise lounge but keep some furniture out for lovely fall days.

Check Your HVAC

You should be on a regular maintenance schedule with your HVAC professional. The system needs service and cleaning in the fall so that when those cold nights come, you can safely turn the heat on.

Get the Fire Pit Ready

The fire pit is fun in the summer but perfect in the fall. Whether you have a portable or built-in fire pit, get it ready by cleaning it up and stocking up on wood or fuel if necessary. And, of course, get those marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars ready.

Touch Up Paint

If you didn’t get the painting done in the spring or summer, fall is your last chance to touch up the paint before the weather becomes too cold. Let’s look at the areas on the exterior of the home that often need paint touch-ups.

  • Front door
  • Mailbox post
  • Shutters
  • Window boxes
  • Window and door trim
  • Garage door
  • Porch posts and railings

Make It Pretty

Okay, this isn’t completely necessary, but a few fall decorations on the exterior of your home are the perfect way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall.

Throw a leafy, colorful wreath on the front door and bring some potted mums home to the front porch. The summer flowers may be on their last leg, but mums are ready to show their stuff.

We hope you enjoy our important tips to prepare your home for fall. Summer was a great time, and now we can look forward to the crisp air and fresh smells of fall.

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