How To Make Your Front Porch More Stylish

How To Make Your Front Porch More Stylish

We love our front porches, but what should we do with them? We know we can sit on the porch, and they’re great for covering the front door, and we love to hang lights from them during the holidays. But did you know your porch can have its own style? Let’s discuss how to make your front porch more stylish, so it becomes a comfortable extension of your home.

The Right Furniture

Choose the right furniture for the job. If you have a tiny porch, don’t squeeze an overstuffed couch on there—try two small rocking chairs or any furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the porch. However, if your porch is a large wrap-around, you can put just about any furniture on it. Remember, just because it’s a porch doesn’t mean you can’t choose stylish and trendy furniture.

A Splash of Color

We color the walls inside our homes, and we can do the same to the porch! Porches usually match the color of the front of the home. It’s a good idea to stay in the same color family, just a shade or two lighter or darker. For those who really like things to pop, try a color that coordinates well with the rest of the home but that’s completely different. Sometimes texture separated from the paint can be added such as rock or brick.

Don’t forget the porch railing system when you’re painting! Black or white paint usually works best for the railings when the porch is a unique color. Additionally, when you’re painting, take some time to check for things like loose spindles and get them repaired.

Connect the Porch To Your Home

Obviously, the porch is connected to your home. What we’re talking about is making it feel like an extension of it. You undoubtedly have living areas in your home, and the porch is a living area as well. An easy way to make your front porch more stylish is to consider giving the same vibe to your porch as you’ve created inside. What’s your style? You can extend it to the porch with a few items in the right colors that coordinate with the interior.

Also, connecting the porch with the rest of the front yard is easy when you bring a little bit of the landscaping to the porch. Do this with potted flowers and plants.

Use All Your Space

Just as you surely don’t want to waste space in your home, don’t waste it on your porch, either. Set up comfortable seating, plants, and any fun décor you’d like. Even footstools make a quick seat and can be squeezed into a corner.

Front porches are the epitome of charm and remind us of days gone by when everyone sat on them to stay cool in the summer evenings. Bring back those days with a stylish porch that welcomes you home.

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