Home Projects To Get Done in the Colder Months

Home Projects To Get Done in the Colder Months

We aren’t trying to rush into cold weather, but the reality is that it’s coming. Hurry up and finish those exterior home projects because it’s time to start focusing on home projects to get done in the colder months. Let’s take a look at what those projects are.

Paint a Room

Save those indoor painting projects for the months when you’re stuck inside. There’s no need to paint just one room. Go ahead and paint as many as you’d like! You’ll be happy you freshened up a few rooms when the colder seasons end.

New Flooring

Have you been considering new flooring in some areas of the house but just been too busy to get it done? Now is your opportunity to set aside some time and get that new flooring installed.

Some flooring, such as vinyl or laminate, is easy to install as a DIY project if you have the right materials and closely follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Check out your local home improvement store for floor installation classes, as well.

Fix a Loose Railing System

Over time, the railing systems in our homes get loose from constant use. We’ve all experienced a loose finial or newel post as we grab onto the banister to head up the stairs. Fall and winter are the perfect times to check all the parts that make up your railing system and get them fixed.

Furnace Filter

Furnace filters should be changed as often as necessary according to how much dust and debris they collect. Sometimes we get busy over the summer and don’t have time to change the filters. Now is the time to do this task, then create a schedule to ensure you don’t forget the filter in the future.

Wash the Inside of Windows

Maybe you washed the outside of the windows over the summer, but now it’s time to tackle the inside. A roll of paper towels and some glass cleaner should do the trick. Take a damp rag along to each room as well so you can wipe the dust off windowsills and trim.

Regrout Tile

Eventually, the grout in any tile looks dirty, dull, or begins to crack and chip. One of the home projects to get done in the colder months is regrouting the tile. It’s well worth it to have fresh, clean grouted tiles to perk up the kitchen or bathroom.

Insulate Pipes

If they aren’t already, we recommend insulating pipes sooner rather than later—certainly before freezing temperatures hit. It’s a sure way to avoid frozen pipes in the winter.

So, there you have it. Home projects don’t end with summer. Chase away the cold weather blues with fresh paint, repairs, and preparation. And Mr. Spindle is here to help with these tasks. We specialize in custom railing systems and replacement pieces, such as the round wood baluster and all other railing system needs. Browse our online store or contact us for help creating a safe and beautiful railing system.