Things To Consider Before Choosing Deck Railing

Things To Consider Before Choosing Deck Railing

It’s tough to beat a beautiful day on the deck with friends and family. We love spending time on our decks; it’s an American pastime. Eventually, because of wear and tear, you may need to replace parts of the deck, such as the railing. And when you’re just beginning to build a new deck, the railing will be a big part of the decision process. Here are some things to consider before choosing deck railing.

City and HOA Codes

Unfortunately, you can’t just add any size rails you want to your deck. There are codes in most cities that are in place to keep homeowners safe and neighborhoods looking beautiful. The same idea holds true for a homeowners’ association. Before you decide to put up ten-foot rails all in different colors, you should run it by your neighborhood’s HOA.

Ask an Expert

Seeking expert advice for the railing’s design and installation is necessary to create a deck you will love for years to come. A professional who specializes in deck rails can answer your many questions, show you design options, and possibly even customize rails to your liking.

There are different materials to consider and different railing needs for each part of the deck. A specialist can help you understand the differences between the many options available.

Time To Choose

After you’ve gone over the things to consider before choosing deck railing, it’ll be time to make a choice. Thankfully, if you have used a professional service to help you, the decision won’t be so tough.

Take some sample colors and spend some time looking at them outside. Using a sample rail or a piece of wood with a few color choices on it can help you view the options during different times of the day. Colors change with lighting. You want to love the deck rails in the morning and in the evening, so make sure you view your choices at various hours of the day. Last, install the rail. Then, grab some chairs, fire up the grill, and enjoy deck living!

Mr. Spindle is available and happy to answer all your questions about rails. We offer many options—from a wood deck handrail to a customized spindle—helping you keep your deck safe and beautiful.