The Benefits of Adding a Porch To Your Home

The Benefits of Adding a Porch To Your Home

Covered, screened-in, front or back—a porch makes a statement on a home. It truly can set the mood as guests come to visit. A porch with comfortable seating says your home welcomes guests to sit and chat. Even a small front entry porch is a courteous gesture to keep those at your door out of the elements. The benefits of adding a porch to your home are ones you will reap for years to come.


We often equate outdoor seating with a back deck. And although a backyard deck is perfect for that, the art of being seated on the front porch is one we should not lose.

It used to be more common to sit at the front of the house, so we could see neighbors come and go and offer them a wave or some friendly chatter. Now many neighbors retreat to the privacy of their own backyard.

Whether in the back or front, a porch can offer seating that beckons to be used for summer chats and cold glasses of lemonade.

It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbors again!

Increase Value

A porch is a valuable addition to your home and will increase its market value. This can be helpful if the need to sell should arise.

If adding a porch to your home, you must adhere to certain codes and permits or it won’t end up being a valuable addition due to fines received for not meeting requirements.

Curb Appeal

It will be easy to see the benefits of adding a porch to your home as you drive by it for the first time after making such an improvement.

A well-thought-out plan for the porch is a must to get the most out of its curb appeal effect. Match the porch style with the style of your home. Consider things like Victorian-style porch posts or traditional, round columns or squares to complete the look.

Keep in mind how you will use your porch. Is it a formal entry or a comfortable place to hang out on a sunny afternoon?

Mr. Spindle offers many designs in porch posts and columns and can even customize them to suit your home’s porch needs.