When Is the Best Time to Water Seal a Deck?

When Is the Best Time to Water Seal a Deck?

Decks are a fabulous addition to any outdoor space, providing an area for entertainment and relaxation. However, they do need proper maintenance throughout the year. A waterproof sealant will protect the wood from rain, debris, and inclement weather conditions. But when is the best time to water seal a deck? This article will explain the best season, day, and time for sealing your deck.

Choosing the Best Season

When deciding the best time to seal your deck, the first thing to consider is the season. Depending on your specific location and region, the climate during seasons may vary a bit. Experts typically believe summer to be the best season for water sealing a deck because of weather conditions. However, you want to avoid weather that is too hot, so if the summer season tends to have exceptionally high temperatures in your area, spring may be a better option. As a rule of thumb, any temperature above 85 degrees is too hot for sealing a deck.

Choosing the Best Day

Once you’ve chosen the best season for sealing your deck, you’ll want to determine the best day. Map out at least a seven-day period for applying your deck sealant because it takes about two to three days for a deck to dry completely after sealing it and then about six days for it to be ready for use again. Check the weather forecast when picking a schedule for sealing your deck because rain and inclement weather conditions will negatively impact the process. Clear days with little wind and no chance of rain are the best option.

Choosing the Best Time

Now that you’ve figured out the best season and day for beginning your deck sealing process, you’ll need to pick the best time of day to start. Depending on the size of your particular deck, the time it takes to seal the deck will vary. Larger decks will take longer to seal than smaller decks. It’s best to begin sealing in the morning so you can avoid the hottest part of the day, typically the afternoon.

So now that you know the best time to water seal your deck, you can schedule some time to begin the process. After you seal your deck, add some decorative updates like 6×6 post finials to enhance your outdoor space’s overall appearance and ambiance.