What Is the Required Spacing for Balusters? A DIYer’s Guide

What Is the Required Spacing for Balusters? A DIYer’s Guide

DIYer’s know how to get things done around the house, but sometimes even the most experienced of them runs into a new project. It’s important to make sure things are done correctly so you won’t have to do them again. When it’s time for new balusters on the staircase, the correct spacing is imperative to the safety and beauty of the entire staircase. Let’s look at the required spacing for balusters.

What Is a Baluster?

Let’s first make sure we’re all in agreement as to what a baluster is. If you’re confused between balusters and spindles, no worries. Everyone is. Spindles and balusters are practically the same thing. The only difference is a baluster rests on a footing, such as a step or the floor of your deck. A spindle, however, rests on a rail (usually wood) which each spindle is attached to at the bottom.

Balusters may seem decorative, and they certainly are. Our eyes are drawn to the beautiful designs they offer a railing system. Beauty aside, though, they’re an integral part of every staircase and railing design. Imagine a railing system with no balusters. A long railing wouldn’t have enough support to stay strong. The balusters keep it sturdy, so the railing doesn’t become wobbly. This is why the required spacing for balusters matters.

The 4-Inch Gap

To keep a railing strong and prepared to handle the weight of users, balusters must be no more than four inches apart. Another way to think of it is three balusters for every foot of railing. If you desire more balusters, you might think you’d need less space between each, but that isn’t necessary. Just be sure there are four inches of space in between all of them.

Does Stye Matter?

Does style matter? To a certain extent, yes—you want your stairs or deck to look good; you want to feel proud of them. Other than that, spacing requirements for balusters stay the same, whether you choose a gothic look or a traditional one. Spacing requirements are unbendable rules that’ll help your chosen style look good—and, more importantly, remain stable.

Now that we’ve discussed balusters, what they are, and how to properly space them, you’re ready to choose the right style for your home. Mr. Spindle specializes in many styles of balusters, such as square wood balusters and even custom designs, so you can get the exact look you need. Contact us, and let’s make your railing system safe and beautiful.