What Defines Victorian Architecture and Style?

What Defines Victorian Architecture and Style?

When people think of the Victorian era, they may imagine a king or queen, because that style of architecture evolved from medieval British styles in the mid-1800s to early 1900s. If you’re wondering what defines Victorian architecture and style, we’re here to briefly guide you through the unique and charming nature of Victorian architecture.

What Makes the Victorian Era So Special?

The Victorian era took place roughly during the reign of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (1837–1901). It was characterized by Britain’s rich culture and growing empire. During this time, Britain also saw the emergence of psychology and energy physics, popularly developed by Charles Darwin. The world’s greatest inventions also came to life during this time with the first telephone and telegraph. Fashion in the Victorian era was something that cannot be repeated today without effort.

In short, this era focused on class, wealth, and beauty, making its fashion and home décor choices things that will go down in history.

Unique Victorian Architectural Qualities

So what makes Victorian architecture so special? If you step inside a Victorian home, you’ll notice some key features that you may not find a modern home. For example, you may see features such as:

  • Fireplaces in each room
  • Stained glass
  • Multifaceted Roofs
  • Towers

These are just a few extraordinary home features that make a Victorian home stand out in a sea of homes. If you’re searching for your future Victorian home, your realtor may be able to give you more information about it regarding its history and additional hallmarks.

How To Redesign Your Home To Fit the Victorian Style

Interior design and architecture are ways a homeowner can express themselves and live in a home that’s exclusive to them. If you’re looking to renovate your home to reflect your interest in the Victorian era, this can be a difficult yet rewarding task. To style the exterior, try adding Victorian-style porch posts to accentuate your wraparound porch, which is another unique sign of Victorian architecture. Be sure to invest in high-quality furniture that will reflect class and style.

However, you don’t have to spend too much to add a touch of Victorian charm to your home. You can easily mix your modern style with Victorian style by pairing ancient tables with modern chairs or by reupholstering a Victorian-style couch with modern fabric.

Now that you understand what defines Victorian architecture and style, you’re ready to find or design the Victorian home of your dreams.