The History of Decorative Handrails on Stairs

The History of Decorative Handrails on Stairs

Staircases are an essential part of any home, business, or commercial space; they provide a safe way for individuals to travel throughout the area. But what about decorative handrails?

Sure, one could build a simple, elegant, or grand handrailing, but let’s examine their invention and the history of decorative handrails on stairs.

Creation of Wrought Iron Style

One of the earliest inventions of decorative handrails began with the wrought iron style. Handrails were made possible due to the development of blast furnaces in the 15th century.

Iron played a significant role in just about every industry at the time, including building homes. Over time, many professionals began to implement wrought iron in decorative pieces in addition to their practical uses.

Victorian Work

The Victorian style consists of unique, elegant architectural designs that typically include wrought or cast iron in many areas. During Victorian times, many people started adding garden paths, fences, and railings that presented a statement of affluence. These materials would often be incorporated with specific decorative styles in mind to achieve a state of stronger influence.

By the 19th century, many manufacturers provided catalogs containing different wrought iron railings and fences that any Victorian homeowner could choose from—if they could afford it!

Benefits of Handrails

There are many benefits of decorative handrails. First and foremost, if stairs didn’t provide a way for someone to hold onto something while on them, a person could suffer from a major injury.

With that said, handrails offer stability while going up and down stairs, helping them keep a steady balance. This can be especially helpful for young children and elderly citizens.

But handrails offer more than safety measures—they provide an aesthetically pleasing style that adds to the home’s design. For example, wood deck handrails provide a touch of warmth that can turn any staircase into a refined, functional art piece.

Now that you understand a brief history of decorative handrails on stairs, be sure to stop by Mr. Spindle to learn about our expert designs and turn your decks or staircases into a unique part of your home!