Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas To Enhance Your Space

Outdoor Deck Lighting Ideas To Enhance Your Space

Decks are the perfect areas to entertain family and friends during the year’s warmer months. First, however, you’ll need an appropriate source of light to enjoy your space to its fullest. Here are a few outdoor deck lighting ideas to enhance your space.

Floor Lights

The first form of outdoor deck lighting to enhance your space is floor lighting. This kind attaches to the deck’s floor and shines upward to illuminate your outdoor area. You can also utilize floor lights on deck stairways to make your space easier and safer to move through during late evening hours. Floor lights are ideal if you want an added layer of safety for your deck. You can easily line pathways and areas with heavy foot traffic so that people can see where they’re walking in the dark.

Railing Lights

Railing lights are also fantastic options for illuminating your outdoor deck. This type of lighting goes into the deck railings. You can place the lights on the underside of the railing so that they shine downward or put the lights on the top of the railing so that they shine upward. Railing lights create a stunning perimeter for your deck. For example, if you have a wood deck handrail along the outside of your deck, you can add railing lights to enhance your space and create a beautiful ambiance for your home’s outdoor area.

String Lights

The third outdoor lighting option for your deck is string lighting. This type is whimsical and unique and adds a special flair to your deck. If you’re looking for a fun lighting option to entertain guests, then string lights are the choice for you. You can place string lights in a number of different places to light up your outdoor deck. For example, you can wrap them along your railings, hang them overhead, or even place them on the ground or furniture if you like. String lights add a certain charm to your deck that few other lighting options can.

Now that you have some outdoor lighting ideas to enhance your deck space, you can try these ideas out at your home today. Choose the options that work best for you. Then, invite all your friends over to enjoy your newly elevated deck!