How To Attach Decorative Finials to Deck Posts

How To Attach Decorative Finials to Deck Posts

Finials add a decorative touch of charm to your deck, porch, or fence posts, and best of all, you can install them yourself. You just need an easy-to-follow set of directions on how to attach decorative finials to deck posts.

Select the Finials

The first step in this DIY process is selecting the finials you want to use. Finials come in all sorts of materials and styles to meet your specific needs. You’ll want to consider what kind of finial will look appropriate with your current deck and posts. For example, if you have a wood deck, you will want to choose finials in the same kind of wood so that they match. Then as far as the decorative elements, you can choose whatever style complements your existing deck. There are simple round finials for an understated look as well as more ornate finials that are suitable for elaborate deck design.

Choosing Placement

Choosing placement is the next step in attaching finials to deck posts. Once you have chosen your desired finials, you can get started with the rest of the process. Before you actually attach the finial to the post, it’s important that you determine the correct placement. It’s helpful to take measurements so you can figure out where the exact center of the post is so that you can ensure you are getting an even and symmetrical placement. When you decide when you want your finial to sit, you should mark it with a pencil so you can see the guideline clearly.

Attaching the Finial

The final step in this process is attaching the finial to the post. Now that you have chosen your finial and you have determined the best placement for it, you can get ready to attach it. There are a few different methods for attachment, but using a drill is often the most effective. You’ll need to attach the base of the finial to the post first by using a staple gun or a hammer and nails. Then, once the base is secure, you’ll want to drill a hole into the center of the base for your finial. Now you will need to screw the finial into the hole until it is tight and secure.

Now that you know how to install finials to deck posts, you can begin the process today. Mr. Spindle has everything you need, including ball finial post caps, to transform your deck from ordinary to extraordinary.