Finding the Right Size Deck for Your House

Finding the Right Size Deck for Your House

Finding the right size deck for your house can be a challenging task, especially if you’re new to remodeling or renovating the home.

However, here at Mr. Spindle, we pride ourselves on helping each customer find the perfect outdoor deck for their home. Read on to find which deck is right for your space!


Before looking at the different sizes you may need for your deck, consider how you plan to use your deck. Do you want an open deck that can handle lots of entertainment or one that offers solace and tranquility for morning coffees?

Think about your social life and how often you have company; if you plan to entertain on your deck frequently, you may need a size for not only your guests but perhaps a grill, patio dining, and other activities.

Will you need a kitchen area, or do you imagine having a pool in your backyard? This is where you’ll want to really create a plan for your home and think ahead at least five years into the future. Get creative!

Typically, if you’d prefer a small area, you’ll only need approximately 144 sq ft. that can seat about 4-6 people. If you regularly have large parties, you may consider 280-400 sq ft. for your deck size in order to comfortably fit your guests.

Adhere to Codes

An important note: before you begin pricing out your deck, be sure to check with your city’s regulations. Some local restrictions only allow a homeowner to build a specific deck size as it relates to your neighbors, locations, and plumbing locations.


The next step is to budget your expenses. Because decks offer a huge variety in terms of colors, sizes, and prices, you’ll want to ensure you account for material availability and shipping fees as well.

Additionally, the type of material you choose for your deck will affect the cost and size you can get for your home.

Keep in mind that in most cases, cost is directly proportional to size, but what will most likely fluctuate is the cost of labor. Working with a contractor before starting the build will give you a clear picture of what needs to be done, timeline, and cost. That way, you can adjust as needed.

Work in the Details

Once you acquire the proper permits, price layout, and materials you need, you’re ready for production. While the main deck area is under construction, you can start thinking about the details you want for your deck! This is the fun part. How will your deck stand out? Adding ball finial post caps can give your deck an elegant touch that will certainly be a great conversation starter.

Knowing what to look out for when finding the right size deck for your house is essential to the process and creating the perfect entertainment and relaxation area!