Clever Solutions for Common Household Eyesores

Clever Solutions for Common Household Eyesores

You work hard to keep your home looking lovely. Still, some areas are difficult because they’re a necessity, but we don’t know what to do with them. Let’s take a look at some clever solutions for common household eyesores, starting with the exterior, and then the interior.

Exterior Eyesores

Curb appeal is important, and so is the rest of the exterior of your home. It’s not just for others to enjoy but for you to enjoy also. Below, we are going to talk about four exterior eyesores: your A/C unit, garden hose, trash cans, and the porch.

A/C Unit

Unfortunately, air conditioners are designed for function, not beauty. You can’t block the airflow to and from your A/C. However, you can build something around it that still allows the air to move freely. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Build a box around the unit using lattice.
  • Create a planter using pallets.
  • Paint picket fence pieces and place them around the A/C.

These same ideas are great for concealing outdoor trash cans.

Your Front Porch

When you neglect the front porch, it makes the entire house look bad. Change that with some updates:

  • Replace worn-out porch posts.
  • Pressure wash cement areas and siding.
  • Add some welcoming furniture.

Garden Hose

It’s just a small thing, but the garden hose drives us nuts when it’s lying around, and we want to conceal it. Here are a few storage ideas to keep your hose neat, tidy, and out of sight:

  • Galvanized or cement storage pot
  • Large antique bucket
  • Old washtub
  • A hose butler

Indoor Eyesores

There are a few common areas that drive us nuts in our homes as well. Cables, televisions, and other things are out in the open, and it’s hard to know what to do with them. We’ve got some ideas.


In this day and age, cables are everywhere in our homes. We love the technology but dislike the cords that come with it. Let’s hide those cables.

  • Build a wooden box with a hole to slide cables through and store them.
  • Attach a metal basket or tray under your desk for cords and cables.
  • Add hooks to the back of your desk or tv stand.

Cat Litter Box

We know you love your kitty—but that litter box. Here are some clever ideas to hide the kitty’s litter box while keeping it accessible:

  • Using a cabinet, create a cat door on the side. Now you can open the cabinet doors to change the litter, and kitty can easily go in and out.
  • Use a large basket with a lid or a trunk in the same way by cutting out a cat door.
  • Paint an end table any color you choose, then create a skirt around it using fabric. The litter box can now go under the table.

We hope our clever solutions for common household eyesores will get you on the road to a home that is easy on the eyes, no matter where you look. At Mr. Spindle, we understand that you cherish your home and want to take good care of it—inside and out. That’s why we are proud to offer the highest quality in traditional wood porch posts, along with all of your interior and exterior railing, post, and column needs. Contact us, and let’s rid your home of a few eyesores.