Pros and Cons of Having an Outdoor Spiral Staircase

Pros and Cons of Having an Outdoor Spiral Staircase

If you want to add a beautiful feature to your home, consider an outdoor spiral staircase. It’s a beautiful and smart use of vertical space. That said, adding a staircase has quite a few drawbacks, so we understand if you’re on the fence about this project. We’ll outline the pros and cons of having an outdoor spiral staircase  so you can make an informed decision.

The Advantages

There are quite a few advantages to getting an outdoor spiral staircase. Firstly, spiral staircases have a steep incline, so they take up far less space than a linear staircase. You’ll have far more room for other things outside, such as deck renovations. Additionally, spiral staircases are relatively easy to install.

As mentioned, spiral staircases provide the optimal use of space by requiring very little space compared to other stair types. Their versatility and small space requirements provide easy use while adding visual appeal to your home’s exterior.

The Drawbacks

As mentioned, spiral staircases have steep inclines. This is both a blessing and a curse. Steepness might leave you with more room for your outdoor space, but it makes the stairs harder to climb and descend if you have mobility limitations. Furthermore, spiral staircases are impractical if you’ll be moving heavy objects up and down the stairs.

Finally, you must follow local building codes when building an outdoor spiral staircase. While you might have more room to work with outside your home, you must ensure the stairwell fits your home, so that could make the project take longer than expected.

Should You Install a Spiral Staircase?

Now that you know more about the pros and cons of having an outdoor spiral staircase, is it worth the investment? This largely depends on your needs and preferences. If you have mobility limitations, installing a standard staircase is better. This is especially true if you’ll carry bulky or heavy objects, such as packages, up and down your outdoor stairs. However, choose a spiral staircase if you prefer aesthetics, saving space, and don’t have any mobility issues.

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