A Guide to the Best House and Deck Color Combinations

A Guide to the Best House and Deck Color Combinations

Getting a deck is quite an investment but worth the cost—especially if you plan to sell your home. It’s also useful if you want to entertain yourself or your guests outdoors. However, a deck needs a certain fraction of visual appeal for you to truly enjoy it. Therefore, it’s wise to match your deck with the color of your house or choose a complimentary color combination. Don’t feel you must pigeonhole yourself into choosing a wooden deck, either. As you’ll see in our guide, you can match any decking material with your style. Check out our guide to the best house and deck color combinations below.

Golden Oak

This honey-colored classic is a perfect deck for people who have lighter, neutral-toned paint on their home’s siding. It’s wise to choose golden oak if your home is light brown, light grey, or even eggshell white as it’s a great compliment. The color looks beautiful no matter which deck surface material you choose. Golden oak deck stain is a timeless color, hence its prominence in our ranking.

Dark Brown

Choosing a dark brown deck paint color might be wise if your home’s siding is a darker color, such as deep blue or grey. This color combination can completely revamp the traditional brown color scheme. You can find many of these solid stains, sealers, and deck paints at most home improvement stores. By painting the deck boards and railings this color, you’ll balance modern deck patterns, like grey or black, with a classic warm wood stain. Additionally, brown stains are great for covering imperfections, so you’ll be in great shape to use this deck stain if your house is darker.

Light Gray

Including a light gray paint or stain is a must when you write a guide to the best house and decking combinations. Light gray decking goes perfectly with light or dark siding colors. Suppose you want to mix things up, especially if your home’s siding is eggshell white. Light gray is a modern decking staple, so it compliments virtually every house.

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