5 Ways To Personalize Your Deck for a Custom Look

5 Ways To Personalize Your Deck for a Custom Look

Decks make an excellent addition to any home. They allow you to make the most of your outdoor space and spend more time outside with friends and family. However, your deck doesn’t have to look boring and drab. Here are five ways to personalize your deck for a custom look.

Create a Unique Decking Pattern

The first way to customize your deck is by creating a unique decking pattern. Traditional decking layouts run vertically or horizontally; while they do the job, they don’t add much character. Herringbone and chevron patterns are becoming more popular as they add intrigue and spice up the space. You can also alternate plank widths to create some depth and dimension.

Install a Statement Inlay Design

Installing a statement inlay design is a great idea if you want an eye-catching deck. An inlay is a decorative element made of colored or patterned planks different from the rest of the decking. You can use an inlay as your deck’s centerpiece or various inlays to section your deck into different areas. For example, you can have an inlay in your seating area, dining area, and grilling area.

Include Decorative Balusters

Another fun way to personalize your deck is by including decorative balusters. Balusters are the columns or pillars that support the handrail of the deck. You can find balusters in all kinds of intricate and unique designs that help to elevate the space. Consider the overall style of your deck when choosing a baluster design to ensure the aesthetic is cohesive. But have fun and play around with different ideas to create the look you like best.

Add Bold Perimeter Detailing

You can also create borders for your deck by adding bold perimeter detailing. The great thing about installing these borders is that they are eye-catching and help break up the space. You can add a single or double plank border to highlight the edges of your deck. You can also use these borders on deck staircases to add more character. Dark-colored borders are popular now, but you can use any color you like for your perimeter detailing.

Mix and Match Wood Tones

If you want to take your deck customization a step further, you can mix and match wood tones. The days of boring single-toned decks are over. With the wide range of composite decking colors available, you can play around with different tones and shades to invent a unique and interesting design. You can choose from deep browns, slate greys, light woods, and rich natural tones. Pick the colors that work best within your space to create a cohesive and seamless look.

Now that you know how to personalize your custom outdoor deck, you can implement these ideas today. As you design your deck, check out Mr. Spindle’s stunning selection of round wood balusters to add character to your outdoor space.