3 Reasons Your Deck Needs Round Balusters

3 Reasons Your Deck Needs Round Balusters

Building a deck is an excellent way to add flair to your outdoor space. It’ll also provide an area for entertainment and relaxation. But you can’t have a deck without its railings and balusters. These elements are essential to the formation of a well-made deck. Here are three reasons your deck needs round balusters.


The first reason your deck needs round balusters is support. The primary purpose of balusters is to support the handrail of a deck or staircase. Without balusters, railings wouldn’t be able to stand on their own. Therefore, a series of balusters go into each deck or staircase to create a supportive foundation for the railing. The balusters are typically four inches apart from each other.


Visual appeal is the second reason you need round balusters for your deck. For generations, people have been using balusters as a form of support and decoration. You can carve intricate designs into the wood to create a stunning overall aesthetic. Round balusters, in particular, create a clean, traditional look that works well in almost any space you can imagine.


The third reason your deck should have balusters is safety. As we mentioned previously, the primary purpose of balusters is to provide support. However, they also provide an essential element of safety. The strategic four-inch spacing of the balusters is in place to protect people from falling through the open area between each baluster. Children are especially at risk of getting hurt on decks and staircases, so balusters are there to help protect them.

Now that you know the three reasons your deck needs round balusters, you can begin the installation process today. Check out Mr. Spindle’s selection of round wood balusters to get started. Before you know it, you’ll have the safest, most stunning deck in town!