3 Eye-Catching Deck Patterns You Should Try

3 Eye-Catching Deck Patterns You Should Try

Having an eye-catching deck pattern is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space’s aesthetic. It can provide a unique and memorable look that can help you stand out from the crowd. Not only does it add visual interest, but it also adds texture and depth to your deck. Here are three eye-catching deck patterns you should try.


Pinstripe decking is a popular pattern composed of alternating parallel boards. This striking design creates a stunning linear look that draws attention and adds visual interest to any outdoor space. The pinstripe pattern also offers additional structural support for your deck, as the boards lock together in alternating lines, creating a solid foundation for your project. Installing this decking pattern provides added durability because it helps protect against warping or splintering over time due to various weather conditions, such as rain or snowfall. Pinstripe decks are worth considering for those who want a unique and stylish look without compromising quality.


Herringbone is another deck pattern that adds a unique, show-stopping look to any outdoor living space. This decking style consists of boards laid in an alternating zigzag pattern that creates a V shape when you view it from the side or above. Like pinstripe decks, herringbone decks resist warping and splintering, which helps them last longer than other types of wood or composite materials. Additionally, they’re easy to maintain due to the lack of grout lines between each board, making sweeping debris much simpler. Furthermore, this type of decking offers more flexibility with design, as you can use it to create curved decks or intricate designs around trees or other landscaping features.

Diagonal Inlay

Diagonal inlay is the third deck pattern worth trying to create an appealing look. This pattern consists of horizontal boards with inlays laid diagonally with a border around the inlay’s edges, forming a distinct, eye-catching look. The diagonal layout allows homeowners to create intricate designs and shapes along the perimeter or even within their outdoor living space for an added level of customization. You can strategically place the diagonal inlays in areas you want to section off or create a statement. For example, you can place an inlay in your seating or dining area to distinguish that space from the rest of the deck.

Changing up your deck pattern is one of the surest ways to update your patio or outdoor living space. Now that you have a few eye-catching decking pattern ideas for your home, you can find the most suitable option. As you begin your decking project, come to Mr. Spindle for high-quality ball finial post caps to finish your deck with style.