Tips To Protect Your Deck From Potted Plant Stains

Tips To Protect Your Deck From Potted Plant Stains

Potted plants can bring beauty and life to any outdoor space but can also cause unsightly stains on your deck. Potted plant stains occur when water, dirt, fertilizer, and other substances drip from the pots onto your deck surface. These substances often contain tannins that react with the wood fibers in decks and create dark discolorations that are difficult to remove. Fortunately, we have three tips to protect your deck from potted plant stains.

Consider Using Plant Stands

Using plant stands is one of the most effective ways to prevent potted plant stains from occurring on your deck. Plant stands come in various styles, such as metal and wooden frames and pots with saucers. Raising the pot off the ground allows any moisture or dirt that may drip out to fall away from your deck surface. It’s important to choose a stand that fits snugly around your plant container’s base so that it won’t shift or slide around when moved.

Opt for Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are also excellent for keeping potted plants high up and away from your deck surface. In this way, they prevent unsightly stains that form due to water and other substances dripping onto the wood fibers. Several types of hanging planters are available, such as traditional pots with built-in hooks or brackets that can attach directly to beams or posts around your deck. Place the hanging planters at least 12 inches above the deck’s surface to ensure maximum protection against potential stains.

Move Your Plants Frequently

Another way to protect your deck from stains is to move your plants regularly. It allows you to rearrange your deck’s layout and keeps the plants from sitting in one place for too long, which can result in rot and discoloration. However, you must understand the needs of your plants before moving them. For example, if your plant needs more sun or shade, you’ll want to place it in an area of your deck that supports those needs. If you have a particularly temperamental plant that doesn’t do well when moved, consider one of the other options listed above.

Now that you have these three tips for protecting your deck from plant stains, you can put them to good use in your outdoor space. If you’re looking for other ways to improve your deck’s appearance while you’re at it, check out Mr. Spindle’s stunning selection of decorative porch spindles. These spindles will help elevate the space and complement your potted plants wonderfully.