The Best Decking Materials for Each Climate Zone

The Best Decking Materials for Each Climate Zone

Your deck should support your lifestyle no matter where you live. Unfortunately, not all decking materials offer the same protection, performance, and durability. So, here are the best decking materials for each climate zone.

Cold Weather Climates

Living in frigid temperatures during the fall and winter months often comes with unpredictable weather. So, having a deck constructed from durable, long-lasting, and high-quality materials that can withstand extreme temperatures is incredibly important. The deck should easily withstand the worst winter conditions so it’s ready for use when the spring weather comes along.

You may be wondering which materials are best for your Northeastern or cold climate deck. Simply put: wood. Wood is the most popular deck material available for many reasons. It’s visually appealing, holds up against various weather types, and provides durability. It’s a winner for withstanding Northeastern winters and perfect for creating a relaxing environment in the warmer seasons. Western Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedar wood types are incredibly reliable decking materials due to their resistance against cold temperatures, moisture, and pests. They also provide incredible durability and a lightweight feel and are perfect for visual impressiveness.

Hot Weather Climates

As the hot, sunny rays beat down on the earth, your deck should be able to hold up against the intense UV rays and scorching temperatures. Relaxing without escaping from warmer climates should feel effortless when summertime comes around. A popular decking material for hot climate zones is hardwoods, as they offer heat absorption resistance.

Hardwood lets homeowners stay comfortable in the summer sun without scorching their feet. Furthermore, they provide remarkable durability against relentless sun exposure without fading or warping. Lastly, hardwood makes for impeccable durability and prevents splintering and scratching. Some hardwood materials to choose from include Tigerwood, Cumaru, Ipe, Jatoba, and Garapa for your preferred construction.

Tropical Climates

Tropical climates often consist of heavy humidity, rainfall, and sunny skies that a deck can hold up to. Durable decking materials must deliver reliable performance and visual interest, especially with unpredictable tropical temperatures. Traditional wooden deck boards like tropical or pressure-treated hardwood require labor-intensive, routine maintenance due to their exposure to extreme tropical storms and regular showers.

Composite deck boards offer damage resistance from varying rainfall while offering a beautifully warm, rich color for a homeowner’s specific aesthetic. Bamboo-PVC and acrylic polymer composite deck boards provide slip resistance and exceptional UV performance. These decks are also rot-resistant and offer heat-dispensing properties that can withstand rainstorms and scorching sun rays.

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