How You Can Stop Wooden Stairs From Creaking

How You Can Stop Wooden Stairs From Creaking

A creaky stair is frustrating every time you step on it. Therefore, if you’re experiencing stairs that creak, you can use some helpful solutions to fix this. Here’s how you can stop wooden stairs from creaking.

Use a Lubricant

If your creaking is coming from the back or the sides of your tread, you can silence it with a lubricant. Powdered graphite or talcum powder are both appropriate lubricants to use on wooden stairs. You’ll want to avoid any oil-based lubricants, as they can warp the wood. All you need to do is take your lubricant powder and work it into the crack between the tread and the riser. You can wedge a piece of paper in the crack to help separate the two pieces. Then, you can use a paintbrush to help work all the lubricant down into the gap to stop the creaking.

Nail to Risers

If you want a more permanent solution to your stairs creaking than what the lubricant will offer, you can nail the tread down into the stringer. You want to use 8d or 10d nails to do this. First, make two pilot holes on the tread near the wall about two inches apart from each other. Drill your nails at opposing 45-degree angles after that. Next, create two pilot holes on the side of the tread by the balustrade. You’ll need to direct the nails into the wood at a 45-degree angle, and this should firmly secure the tread to the stringer, thus stopping any creaking altogether.

Screw the Treads Down

If you notice the creaking in your stairs coming from the front, you can fix this with the help of a few screws. You’ll need at least three screws to tighten the fitting between the riser and the tread. Start by making three pilot holes across the front of the tread in the spot where it lines up with the riser, and ensure you space the holes apart evenly. Then, you’ll drill three screws into the pilot holes you just made. Make sure that you drill the screws all the way in so that they don’t stick up, ensuring that they won’t hurt or injure anyone.

Now that you know three ways to keep wooden stairs from creaking, you can use these methods in your home today. If you happen to be fixing your deck stairs, make sure to also check out our selection of porch railing spindles here at Mr. Spindle to improve your stairs overall.