3 Handrailing Ideas for Ground-Level Decks

3 Handrailing Ideas for Ground-Level Decks

Decks are a great addition to any home’s backyard, providing space for friends and family to enjoy quality time together outdoors. When embarking on a deck home improvement project, there are many elements to consider, including handrails. Here are three handrailing ideas for ground-level decks.

Vinyl Handrailing

Vinyl handrails are the first idea for ground-level decks. You’ll need to choose an appropriate material for your handrails upon installation, and vinyl is a popular choice. Vinyl has many benefits when you use it as a deck handrailing material.

For example, vinyl is affordable and easy to install, facilitating a simple and easy process. Another great thing about vinyl is that you don’t have to worry about splinters like you might with wood handrails. Vinyl is also low maintenance, easy to clean, fire resistant, and incredibly durable. If you’re looking for the perfect material for your deck’s handrails, vinyl may be the best option for you.

Safety Features

Adding safety features to your deck handrails is a great idea that will improve overall functionality and help to keep your family safe. However, not all handrails are the same. If safety is a primary concern for you, you’ll want to choose handrails with safety features in mind.

For example, do you live with elderly or disabled individuals who may need a handrail to assist them when navigating the deck? Or do you have young children who need to hang on to a rail when getting on the deck? If this is your case, then you will want a handrail with a smooth material that is easy to grip and an appropriate height to provide necessary support and protection.

Decorative Elements

After you choose your preferred material and determine the function of your handrails, you can start coming up with design ideas. If the main purpose of your handrails is safety and security, you might prefer to keep your design minimal. But if you want to add some decorative touches to your handrailing to enhance your outdoor space, there are many ways to do so.

For example, different features like decorative porch spindles, post caps, finials, and ball tops help you to add that extra charm. With proper decorative elements, you can create anything from Victorian to contemporary designs.

Consider these three ground-level deck handrailing ideas as you begin working on your deck. And don’t forget: Mr. Spindle has everything you need to build the deck of your dreams!